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Thursday Morning Reads – 2/12/15

Another day, another Central Bank move has lifted stock futures higher. .. go figure.   Greece negotiations will resume Monday, stock futures initially rallied on that news, but then fell, but not for long.  The BOE is this morning's headliner with more, just buy it baby, type talk.    Stock futures are now up .5% .  Crude oil is recovering.  It's been a nasty two day slide for crude, with some $19 puts on Monday going for over $1.00.  The short term 'crash' I was looking for came to fruition.  Looks like the Central Banks don't mind letting a few things fall.... which is nice.

Here is what I am reading this morning.

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Wednesday Morning Reads – 2/11/15

U.S. stock-index futures were little changed after equities reached their highest level this year as investors await the outcome of a meeting between Greece and its creditors.

Germany is maintaining Greece must comply with its bailout terms, while Greece is trying to drum up support for a 10 billion-euro ($11.3 billion) bridge plan to stave off a funding crunch and buy time to win an easing in austerity terms. Any deal would require a softening of Germany’s stance.

Here is what I am reading this morning:

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Weekend Reads – 2/7/15

Friday was a fitting end to a memorable week.  The Jobs report is the talk of the town this weekend.  Rate hikes coming sooner than expected now?  In 2008 when ZIRP came to be, 2010 was the year of the rate hike.  Almost 7 years into unprecedented Central Bank action, rate hikes sound more like the voices of every sports fan before the start of the season, who think this is the year their team will win it all.  As the season comes to an end and their team has failed to win the Championship they are quick to say "Next year will be the year".   Perhaps this will be the year the FED hikes rates.... and if they don't.... there is always next year.

This weekends reads:

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