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VXX Halted

$VXX fell over $121,000 the last 9 years, a relentless move to the downside that continued unabated until last week.  Yesterday after falling a mere $10 $VXX was halted.   Go figure.

It is pretty ironic.  Even more ironic is that $VXX is supposed to give traders exposure to volatility, yet with volatility at a premium yesterday $VXX was halted.  Does that make any sense?  About as much sense as halting $VXX during the last $10 of a $121,000 price collapse.  I've covered $VXX countless times before.  I've even mused 6 years ago that the $VXX and volatility are being killed by the powers that be, to create a market calm designed to re-inflate asset prices.  And that plan worked to perfection... until this week.

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