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Stranger Things

Another new record high was achieved yesterday for the market, of course what followed was a fairly dramatic decline in the technology sector, with some of the biggest names taking the biggest tumbles.  Perhaps technology took a peak at the 'upside down'....  a strange world where the price of equities trend lower, not higher.  Yet like the other nasty tech sell-offs we have seen this year, the buyers resurface the next trading session and record high prices return.

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A Quadfecta

Just when you thought the Central Banks had mastered price perfection, the market goes out and  spikes prices even higher.  This morning tech is out to fresh all time highs, surpassing even the highs reached when John Q. Caveman cornered the round stone wheel market in 7,800 B.C.

It took nothing short of an impressive quadfecta to achieve this feet of price appreciation.

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