The Week In Pictures

Bacon anyone?  


Trendlines Matter...........finally

Do I Hear More QE?


Beef up the bond buys... beef up the bond buys....

Put the Euro in the crapper... Put the Euro in the Crapper....

Crash... Crash..

An Exhausting Decline for Volkswagon and Biotech this week.

Each down at least 100 cases of Cuban cigars.


Have no fear... it's a bird... its a plane.... faster than a speeding egret , flip flopping quicker than a seasoned politician... more voluptuous than a squealing Sus scrofa domesticus .....and likely laughing to the bank doing exactly the opposite of what he says... its Gartman to the rescue.

Fresh, crisp, and juicy new details emerge about the Apple car.


$CAT less than two months ago wanted to accelerate a $1.5 billion share buyback.

This week they plan to lay off 10,000 employees to save exactly $1.5 billion.  I guess we know where their priorities lie.


The implications of $CAT's struggles are far reaching.  The CAT is officially out of the bag.

The Pope is in town.  And while many say he was the reason why Boenher was crying on Thursday,  a day later he unexpectedly announces his resignation.

His lasting legacy...  besides his resignation and crying people want to know if he's a boner or a baner.

 Thursday after the bell Yellen gave a lengthy speech in Massachusetts.    She's got the eye of the tiger from Rocky or Katy Perry's Super Bowl Tiger Song work well with the picture below.  As does ----  In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Lion Sleeps tonight.... something like that.

Northy sporting his usual wit and um ah um... humor.  For those not familiar with a Yellen speech or press conference if you play the Yellen drinking game... DO NOT.... and I repeat... DO NOT... get stuck with the Um's or the Ahs... you will be piss drunk 5 minutes in.... and you will end up being the one seeking medical attention.

Later on during her speech she felt ill, which was blamed on dehydration.  All kidding aside, she has the most stressful job in the world.  I think we all were praying for a swift and rapid recovery.  Sure enough just 20 minutes later the all clear was sounded.  Yellen was deemed as healthy as a Bull.

On a side note...  her odds of inking a deal with Gatorade icreased significantly this past week.

"Gatorade is thirst aid for that deep down body thirst."

and as word of Yellen's health returned, so did the bid in stock futures.

The early week Volkswagen and Biotech induced selling turned into an inverted ambulance chaser rally.

However on Friday those 1%+ gains rolled over late in the day.

The wedge of boom or doom.

It's doom time folks.

Just in time for Halloween.


Have a great weekend!

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