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Wednesday Morning Reads – 2/18/15

I decided to do some of tomorrow's work tonight..... that being said it is still February 17th late in the evening.  I'm going out on a limb here with "stock futures are mostly flat before the opening bell".  Of course if I'm wrong I can just delete this opening remark and change it to a more appropriate one... but I won't regardless.  Of course you would never know.  Anyway......

Earnings reports continue to come in this week.  Last night (tonight) $FOSL took it on the chin and its stock price will open trade sharply lower.  As the season begins to wind down I think the focus will shift back to crude oil, the US Dollar, and interest rates.  We can discuss that after the bell.  Let's get focused for today!

Here is what I am reading this morning:

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Thursday Morning Reads – 2/12/15

Another day, another Central Bank move has lifted stock futures higher. .. go figure.   Greece negotiations will resume Monday, stock futures initially rallied on that news, but then fell, but not for long.  The BOE is this morning's headliner with more, just buy it baby, type talk.    Stock futures are now up .5% .  Crude oil is recovering.  It's been a nasty two day slide for crude, with some $19 puts on Monday going for over $1.00.  The short term 'crash' I was looking for came to fruition.  Looks like the Central Banks don't mind letting a few things fall.... which is nice.

Here is what I am reading this morning.

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