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The Recap

A sharp late day rally left stocks off their lows, or OTL, which seems to be the theme in 2015.  Yesteryday's reversal almost brought stocks back into positive territory, today's snap back could only turn today's losses from large one's into modest ones.

It's already been a volatile week full of wild prices swings and collapses, including copper, which was down some 7%+ last night before recovering some of its losses and ending.... you guessed it... Off The Lows or OTL.

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The Internet Bubble, The Housing Bubble, Now The Oil Bubble?

With Oil falling last year I posited the possibility that this decline could have some pretty dire consequences.  While cheaper gas prices are a boon for consumers, what are the long term consequences of the 50% 7 month collapse in oil prices?  Is this another bubble bursting that bears watching and will it lead to  a stock market collapse?  I think it would be naive not to explore this possibility.

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