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In an about-face, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked European lawmakers for an extension of the Brexit deadline until the end of January 2020. He was forced to capitulate after Parliament voted 322 to 306 to withhold support for the deal until the passage of legislation to implement it.

Senator Warren to release funding plan for "Medicare for All"

Democratic frontrunner Senator Elizabeth Warren will "soon" release her plan to fund U.S. universal health care, known as "Medicare for All." Voters and rivals are keen to see the details, since it will take trillions to fund a government-backed single-payer system.

Boeing continues damage control efforts over software linked to crashes

Boeing (NYSE:BA) released a statement clarifying comments made in 2016 from a technical pilot about its flight control software, saying the dialogue pertained to flight simulator software. It added that his comments did not mean that the company had prior knowledge of flaws that led to the two crashes.
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Economic chiefs consider fiscal stimulus to stoke growth

At meetings in Washington, DC, finance ministers and central bankers were warm to the idea of fiscal stimulus, but there was little agreement on precisely what to do. U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin believes "all tools" should be used as the benefits of monetary easing shrink.
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China committed to resolving trade war with U.S. - Vice Premier Liu He

In rare public comments by a senior government official, Vice Premier Liu He said that China will work with the U.S. to resolve the core issues of the trade war, adding that stopping it would benefit both sides and the world. A deal could limit the damage to global growth.
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Bank of Japan mulls more monetary stimulus to hit inflation target

Facing a weak global economy and softer domestic demand after a recent sales tax hike, the BOJ is considering even more stimulus aimed at hitting its 2% inflation target. The central bank projects 1% inflation this fiscal year and lower than 2% the following two years.

Opioid players in Ohio court Monday

Lawyers for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (NYSE:TEVA), AmerisourceBergen (NYSE:ABC), Cardinal Health (NYSE:CAH) and Walgreens Boots Alliance (NASDAQ:WBA) will be in a Cleveland district court on Monday to face accusations from two counties in the state that their actions were the main drivers of the opioid epidemic there. Last-minute settlement talks stalled, but a deal could still be reached while the trial progresses.

Disney's Maleficent sequel tops weekend box office but gross disappoints

Disney's (NYSE:DISMaleficent: Mistress of Evil was number one in the U.S. in its debut weekend, but the $36M gross was only about half the original's. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker was #2, maintaining its momentum from its October 4 release.

Frackers float mortgage bond-like security to raise much-needed cash

Cash-burning fracking companies, consumers of more than $100B since 2014, are turning to a new security akin to a mortgage-backed bond to raise much-needed capital. The instrument, issued from a company-created special entity with ownership rights to wells, is paid off with production revenues. Yields are ~6% for the highest-quality wells and higher for riskier assets.
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Insurers face wave of claims from child abuse cases

U.S. insurance companies are facing potential payouts that could reach into the billions related to child sex abuse cases after 22 states and Washington, DC enacted laws extending or eliminating the statute of limitations for claims.

SAP, Microsoft disclose three-year cloud deal

SAP and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) have come to a three-year deal to help large enterprise customers move processes to the cloud. The "Embrace" partnership is an extension of an existing close (but nonexclusive) relationship between SAP and Microsoft's Azure operations. The deal has already helped SAP double new cloud bookings for Q3.

UBS reportedly cutting 30 jobs in Asian banking centers

UBS is cutting up to 30 jobs in Asian banking centers - mainly Hong Kong and Singapore, along with Sydney and Tokyo - following the combination of its global markets and banking businesses, Reuters says. Those cuts will hit both front and back office positions. One aspect of its business streamlining is the merger of the bank's main equities unit with smaller foreign exchange, rates and credit trading operations.

What else is happening...

Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI): CEO search "succession planning."

Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) plans to sell as many as 6M foldable phones next year.

Saudi Aramco (ARMCO) to delay IPO promotion until after Q3 results.

Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) to restart mining in Tanzania after deal with government.

Today's Markets
In Asia, Japan +0.25%. Hong Kong +0.02%. China +0.05%. India closed.
In Europe, at midday, London +0.19%. Paris +0.06%. Frankfurt +0.56%.
Futures at 5:40, Dow +0.08%. S&P +0.17%. Nasdaq +0.23%. Crude -0.82% to $53.43. Gold +0.01% to $1,494.30. Bitcoin +3.2% to $8,241.
Ten-year Treasury Yield +2.8 bps to 1.776%.

Today's Economic Calendar
11:40 Fed’s Bowman Speech

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