Coming Next Week… The Top 5 Stocks for 2019

It is that time of year again! My Top 5 Stocks for 2019 Webinar will be out on January 7th (UPDATE:  It is here : )- nothing gets me more excited then coming upon an undiscovered gem. As I have said before,

If there is one area in the markets I feel I can truly hang my hat on and call my own, it is finding stocks before the herd - seeing a gem when everyone else sees a dirty rock.

I have received quite a few emails and messages the past few weeks around the timing and just wanted to add some clarity.

For those new to my Top 5 Stock Webinars, here is what I look for :

( a recap of my Top Stocks since 2014: )

2018 was similar to 2017... at least for the first 3 quarters of the year. For the second year in a row my Top 5 stocks had soared over my 35% target by June(49% by July):

So I added 5 more into the back half. Within 7 weeks of my back-half webinar those stocks had soared over 27% as well:

And then September, October, and December came. My top 5 stocks at the start of the year still closed as a whole 28.81% higher on the year vs. the -6.2% drop for the S&P, but they were well off their highs.

I lost faith in TRUP management after a very questionable debt raise, though the stock was very good to me on the call side:

AXGN, which was the big winner in the first half of the year, was completely decimated in the back half as management miscues, competition concerns, and negative pieces on the company weighed.

Back-half picks SCVL, AVAV, and PETQ all rose 40%+ after my July Webinar(, only to come back down for no other reason then small-caps were selling off

MB, one of my Top 5 Stocks for 2017, was bought out last week which means 16% of the stocks I have highlighted have now been acquired.

In a nutshell, will have my Top 5 Webinar up for OM Gold members and above on January 7th. For lurkers looking to see if the OM Community is for them, we do have a limited amount of 15-day trials - send an email to to with '2019 Trial' in header for details.

Happy New Year!






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