Heisenberg Indicator Projections For 2013

Hisenberg Indicator

hbinThe Heisenberg Indicator has been a revelation since the financial crisis in 2008.  It has only been triggered once, giving a buy signal for stocks, and remains at a buy signal almost 5 years later.  While the media focuses on the negative indicators, such as the Hindenburg Omen, which has been wrong every single time it's been triggered, they overlook what has been the most reliable indicator for the stock market since the financial crisis in 2008.

Green Shoots?  The green shoots weren't even planted when the HI was telling investors to buy stocks.  Through every crisis, speed bump, bank failure, and Greek bailout the HI has remained a steady indicator.  It never wavered. It never gave a "false signal".

In fact through the years the HI has never been wrong.  It's been perfect and maybe that's why no one talks about it.  Well here I am, giving the HI it's props.  If you don't know what the HI is you can look at my previous article here:  https://www.optionmillionaires.com/2013/the-heisenberg-indicator/

What is the HI telling us now?  Where are we headed for the rest of 2013?

Today I ran the HI projections, which gives me the possible HI readings for 6 months.

According to the HI we are headed for..... drumroll please..... more gains.  The HI is pointing toward DJIA 17,000 and S&P 1850.



While the FED is looking to taper its injections of liquidity into the market, according to the HI, it won't stop investors from taking it higher.

The HI has been spot on since the financial crisis in 2008.  It's smoked every other indicator out there.  It's cooked all the pundits calling for the stock market to collapse.  The HI says we are heading higher.  It's been right for almost 5 years and has never been wrong.  See you at DJIA 17,000.  You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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