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Hindsight Trader: $BIDU $CMG

Looking back at today’s trading day there are a few names that played a big role. First was BIDU; last night BIDU tanked on an unexpected revision of earnings. This morning shares had surprisingly rallied all the way back and then some. In this article I will go over why I think BIDU rallied so much and how I was able to make almost double my money betting that it would fall back down. I will also go over CMG and what I see for this stock tomorrow. In going over my two trades I will discuss what I did correctly, incorrectly, and whether the structure could have been changed.

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A Good Case of Greebola

"Now on to business news.  Doug how was the stock market today. "

"Well Linda  Stocks closed higher today".  

Bottom line?  Stocks were higher at the end of the day.  Period.  Dot.  End of Sentence.  Conclusion.  The End.  Nothing More, Nothing Less.  Got it?

#Greebola was in its glory today, showing just why the headlines may melt away but record high stock prices are here to stay. #Greebola  -  The last big $SPY recovery off the lows???  The Ebola crisis.

With each passing day comes the hope that the Greece Crisis, Grexit, Greferendum, Greeno, Gringo, Grimbo,

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