DITTOTRADE.COM and the follow program for 2013 with SPECIAL RATES


Back in February of 2012, we were able to take $2000 and turn it into over $200,000 in a few weeks trading options. We then had quite a few requests to have a follow program, and this is how we found Dittotrade.com , a service that allows traders to follow someone's trades automatically. We then recreated a $2000 challenge, where we tried to replicate the success of our trading in February. Not sure if it was the pressure or just the general market in the summer, but the first challenge and the subsequent second challenge were both failures. There were some great trades that were up 100%+, but expired worthless as the strategy I used employs high risk. With friday's trades, the Dittotrade.com account is now in the green, and I finally feel comfortable with the pressure of having more followers as there has been many requests for information in the past few weeks on the heels of our $NFLX and $PCLN trades.

I know there are still many folks following my account on Dittotrade.com, and I still have quite a few folks following on my private twitter account so i will be more or less starting from scratch and pay attention for instructions below on how to follow me on Dittotrade,com.

First and foremost I want to start with the most important thing. The fact that you can and WILL lose all your money following my trades on this blog/chatroom, dittotrade.com , twitter,  stocktwits, or anywhere you see my trades posted. Options are an extremely risky trading instrument and can result in your account being decimated in a matter of minutes. If you have never traded options, this is not for you. If you are trading with money you cannot afford to lose, this is not for you. If you were planning on going to the casino this weekend with a few thousand you have to burn, but want to stay at home and have someone else lose the money for you, then THIS MAYBE FOR YOU! Ok, enough with the warnings. Everything is all peachy when you see my posts around winning trades, but the first losing one is when you start to see the reality of trading. It is not easy, but there is some BIG money to be made. I don't have a trader profile and don't want to give all my secrets away, but I trade in the hopes of a few massive winning trades overcoming small losing positions(that expire worthless).

This time around I will not be calling it a $2k challenge. This will just be called the  Follow Program and I will continue to run until no one is following me anymore or there is no interest in the program.

How it works:

1. You must be a Diamond Member : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/subscribe

2. You must sign-up for a Dittotrade.com account, here is all the info you need to sign up: https://www.optionmillionaires.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Easy-Guide-To-Open-an-Account.pdf / The account needs to be cash, there is no reason to have a margin account trading options.

3. In order to follow me on Dittotrade.com your account needs to be funded. You do not have to be on full-throttle. I was unable to approve followers last time because I was at the max, while folks just created an account to get the email alerts.

4. Current and new followers will need to follow up via email to jimmybob@optionmillionaires.com follow/continue to follow via Dittotrade.com and the private twitter feed at https://twitter.com/JimmyatOptions

If you have any questions you can email optionmillionaires@gmail.com

We have secured special rates for Optionmillionaire Subcribers at Dittotrade.com:

Existing Ditto Trade Customers:

$200 commission credit with an initial funding of 2,000 USD

A commission of $6.95 per ticket, $0.75 per contract will be the initial starting point for these customer until the credit is used up (or 60 days). This commission will be based on the trades you implement as a lead trader and not trades made on an individual’s own account through the Trading Pit.

Once $200 credit is used up, commissions go to $4.95 per ticket and $0.50 per contract permanently.

New Ditto Trade Customers:

$4.95 per ticket, $0.50 per contract permanently


Just so everyone is aware, we are not being compensated in anyway from Dittotrade.com. They offer a service that you cannot find anywhere, and they are kind enough to offer OptionMillionaire subscribers a discount by using their service.

If everything goes smooth, I hope to have the service running 100% by Feb 18th. Again, please email with any questions!!

- Jimmybob


JimmyBob (Scott)has been trading equities for over 15 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. He started trading high risk stock options over the past 7 years, and has proven winning trades in excess of 15,000%.

As one of the Co-Founders of optionmillionaires.com, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge with other investors through timely blog posts, daily watch lists in the forum, weekly webinars, and helpful advice within the chatroom.

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7 thoughts on “DITTOTRADE.COM and the follow program for 2013 with SPECIAL RATES”

  1. Hello, I am a new member of OMil. How do i receive the private twitter messages?
    I believe twitter message is the only way to get the actual trades(You had replied to me on chat Friday), and the one sms per week as well.
    Do we have a webinar Today Feb 18th that will tell us the actual trades that you will be doing tomorrow?

    I am a diamond member and I would like to join your new follow program( I am in the process of setting up account in Ditto Trade).


  2. my main goal is to receive your option plays in as close to real time as possible.
    not interested in the Ditto Trade account, is there still hope for me.
    will read guide packet shortly …might answer most of my questions
    you folks really rock
    thanks for an opportunity to be apart of the action
    unfortunately i have very little time most days to be on line to chat
    at night, after10:30 PM central is when i am on line for an hour or so.
    i really hope i can participant with this membership with out the Ditto Trade account.
    excuse my verbosity 🙂
    Thank You

  3. There is a private twitter feed and we do send out via text one of our better trades each week. Without chatroom access, it tends to be a bit more difficult to track the plays.

    Hope that answered your question and best of luck to you!

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