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8-16 Watchlist Jimmybob


Yesterday was another somewhat boring day with lackluster market volumes. The market volumes seems to be stealing some of the headlines and has become a focus as dog days of summer are truly starting to take hold. Have a feeling in the next few days there will be a nice 1-2%+ move in the markets. Timing it is always the key!

SINA earnings report last night, where the headline numbers look great, but profits for the rest of the year look weak. Again, that is not always the story with SINA, and folks are usually more concerned about its ability to generate revenue and how they are looking to grow profits in the future. Still have hope for my $60 calls and may add some $55/57.50 at the open if I like what i see.

SHLD reported earnings this morning with EPS in line but a revenue miss. Just like I said yesterday, SHLD rallied on gigantic volume into the close and hit a high of 57.48(i said it would hit $57). Of course my order did not fill to sell the calls. Hard to figure what SHLD will do today, but have a feeling it continues it's ascent into the 60s.

NFLX continued its move higher, albeit a little slower on Wednesday. Chart still showing a reversal with plenty of room to move. Hopefully NFLX breaks $65 and the 67.50 calls can go from red to green.

I will be doing a LIVE Q and A session tonight at 7pm. I will have the link posted in the live chat room later this afternoon.

I will be out in the morning but once again you can email at for any questions.

Will likely not be adding any positions for the 2k mirror account today unless I see something very compelling. Also, want to make sure the other 2 positions are closed.

Mirror followers check twitter for updates throughout the day.

Have a Great THURSDAY!



8-15 Watchlist from JImmybob



Futures are down .20% right now.. not too bad. The EURO is taking it on the chin this morning, but folks have been shaking off any bad news lately and I think that continue till the big money comes back in september (the worst performing month over the last 25 years).

Quite a few earnings plays today with ANF this morning. Will they bounce like FOSL? Also have Target, Deere, and Staples.

I don't have a position in either and will probably not look for one today. I will not be around too much due to the 2k challenge taking up quite a bit of my time and resources, and to  remain focused. You can definitely send and email to and I will respond as soon as I can. Here are some links to my live Q and A yesterday:

Right now I have SHLD 62.50 calls and NFLX 67.50 calls. I also have the SINA 60 calls.

I think SINA could be a nice play if they show signs of monetizing their subscriber base. Could see a $15-20% move. Will be holding my $60 calls into the earnings after the close.

NFLX is up 7 of the last 8 trading days, but chart still shows some room. Grabbed the $67.50 calls for a possible continuation move on the BAC upgrade yesterday. Think those calls may double. Have a limit to sell half @ .50.

SHLD has earnings tomorrow before the bell and I think the risk for more downside is outweighed by the reward for some serious upside. Grabbed the 62.50 calls yesterday, and think SHLD will see $57 today based on TGT earnings and folks wanting to get in before tomorrow. Will have a limit order in @ 1.10 for the 62.50s. Will look to sell half sometime today.

For those in the 2k challenge, I will probably not be buying any positions today but will be looking to sell off some of the NFLX and SHLD. Details via twitter first if I do and your not a ditto follower.

I keep saying Blink your eyes and we will be over the 4 year highs in April. We are almost there! I think this continues the next few weeks, and playing it accordingly.

Have a great TRADING DAY!


- Jimmy

Jimmy $2k Mirror UPDATE (8-14) – START DAY!


Just a quick update on the $2k mirror challenge. Please email with any questions you may have. Make sure you have read this post and the others linked on it ( )

The $2k account will start trading today finally!!! I spook to DITTO trade last night and all trades completed today (tuesday Aug 14th) by any jimmybob followers will be commission free. You will see a credit at the end of the month.

With that being said, I only plan on doing one trade at the most today. There is more that can go wrong then right trying this out, and one trade to start will be a good test. It will also be a very small trade, 5-10 contracts total value of $100-$200. You can see my watch list on the DITTOTRADE dashboard, but the strikes will probably be SINA $60/62.50 calls or SHLD 62.50 calls - both are for premium build into earnings and would hope to lock some in for a double before the close thursday, then hold a few as lottos.

Expect the majority of trading to happen later in the week, as thats the best time for the 10x+ baggers. Here are some answers to questions I am getting:

Q. How will you alert followers?

A. Dittotrade, then twitter, then email... then Chatroom

Q. Am I on the email list?

A. I am still working on the email list and will have a test blast sometime this week.

Q. It says share for share on my dashboard, not percent.

A. Dittotrade will only let my account be share for share due to followers. If your account is less then $2k expect trades to be a max of $200-$300.

Q. How often will you place trades?

A. To start I will be very diligent and place a max of maybe 1 trade per day, if i see something. Expect most of the trading to occur on Thursday and Fridays.

Q. I have not had my private twitter request accepted.

A. PLEASE EMAIL right away!!!

Q. I missed a trade what do I do?

A. Nothing! You can mirror every trade, get into ones you want, or just watch. I will run this challenge as long as I can.

Q. What will you do when your capped on followers, can i still join?

A. You can still follow via twitter and email. I will have a waiting list for the ditto trade service.

Q. Is UPB or anyone else doing the service?

A. Looking into adding more accounts to follow.


Lets have some fun and make some money. Was very hard for me to sleep last night! Appreciate all the kind words! Please email with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as i can!




- Jimmy

$2k Portfolio Mirror Challenge UPDATE (FOR DIAMOND MEMBERS ONLY)


I have been very busy making sure this goes EXTREMELY smooth for everyone. The response to participate in this mirror challenge has been overwhelming to say the least and the pressure has been building on myself every day. I apologize if there has been a delay in email responses, but please understand we will get to you as soon as possible. I just want to UPDATE you on some of the things I am working on to make sure we are up and ready to go by Wednesday the latest.

First, make sure you read my blog posts on what you needed to do: - This post pretty much answers any question you may have.

Second, I have setup a GOTOMEETING with DITTO trade Wednesday Morning, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER ASAP: Registration Web Link: (I HAVE EMAILED DITTORTRADE AS THE WEBINAR SAYS AUG 22nd, I AM SURE IT IS AUGUST 8th and will let you know when its fixed)

Third, If you are still pending in twitter and by Tues AM and you already sent an email, please send another email to option with your twitter handle and OM nick.

Fourth, I have been sent two lists of DITTOtrade accounts to approve: One set on friday and the other this afternoon. Those are both back in DITTOtrades hands with proper approvals. I will speak to them on Tuesday to ensure everyone who should be approved gets approved.

Here is the big point I think some folks may miss... The great thing about the DITTO trade platform is it trades off percentages. So if i make a trade worth 10% of my account, it will do the same for yours if your in the full throttle mode. If you miss a trade, it won't be as big a deal as you may think. Either way I plan on running this challenge for as long as I can. I am curious how a lo liquid options may work out with the service, but we will cross that hurdle when we get there.


Keep the emails coming with any questions!!


THANKS and looking forward to this challenge!!!!