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Crazzzzie Eddie at Sears Holdings (SHLD)


We have been a big fan of Sears Holdings (SHLD) over the past year or so. Not for it's outstanding business plan or execution, but for the potential value of it's assets. Assets that are worth far more than the $4 billion the market is giving it. Here is a great read on some of the possibilities of the company.(HERE)

With Hedge Fund Manager Eddie Lampert taking over the helm of the company on Feb 1st, we feel the time for shareholders to be rewarded is coming soon. After hours yesterday, Eddie Lampert filed another form 4 showing another purchase of 1.2 million shares worth over $54 million. His personal stake in the company along with his hedge fund total more than 57% of the outstanding shares, or 62 million shares. That is the kind of stake that can make or break a fund, and with Eddie in charge, it would be very easy for him to 'make' it.

We are betting on this story going forward via March calls, and will be looking to add some April calls sometime in the next few days. We stick by our prediction that one day we will wake up, and Sears Holdings (SHLD) will be an $80 stock.



12-5 Watchlist

Yesterday was another great day in the chatroom with NFLX, SODA, SHLD, AAPL, and others making folks some nice $$. Days like these are not common so please don't trade like the next one is going to be a 10-100 bagger or trade outside your risk level. It's also very easy to risk more as your account goes up, but that can lead to bigger losses. Either way, hope you made some $$ and looking forward to a great week.

I am still VERY bullish on SHLD breaking out and hold 45 weekly calls. I still like SODA as i think folks are just starting to jump on the bandwagon. I sold enough of my 82.50 NFLX calls to sleep easy last night, but still hold quite a bit more, and added 100 calls near the end of the day @ .25 just in case.

Futures are up nicely as Chinas rally has helped lift the markets. We shall see how todays trade goes, but I think we continue to be somewhat rangebound or higher.

Options I am looking at to enter today:


Stock Ticker Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
SODA CALL $50.00 JAN 0.75 0.75
SODA CALL $52.50 JAN 0.50 0.50
VRA CALL $35.00 JAN 0.25 0.25
LULU CALL $80.00 DEC WKLY 0.30 0.30
LULU CALL $85.00 JAN 0.56 0.56


I still love SODA and locked in some of my lower strike calls, will get some higher JAN calls for possible continued move to $50+. Want to position for LULU earnings as well and the calls are even cheaper today, didnt pull the trigger yesterday. Like VRA after the bell, but did get killed by it last time i played so be wary!

Lets have another great day!!

- jimmybob

12-4 Watchlist

Yesterday sure was a gap and trap as the market faded most of the day, then tried to recoup some losses at the end, like it tends to do. Today the futures are flat and there is no economic news out. We do have some earnings with BIG and AZO. BIG beat and looks good PM, i know UPB was talking about it Sunday night in his week ahead as well as in chat. AZO is lower PM with good results, but a little off on revenue, expect a bounce there. I had SHLD on the watchlist yesterday as the stock has been destroyed last few weeks. Catching a bottom can be very hard, so hope yesterday was the start of a reversal. We alerted the SHLD $45 DEC wkly calls @ .32 as the stock was at $42, and it ramped over $1.60 in matter of 20 minutes. Those $45 calls hit .80. If  SHLD reverses, i think it can test 46-47 this week and those 45 calls will be 300-600%+. SODA continues to look good as well and I am still holding 42.50 DEC and 45 Jan calls. NFLX was a bust on the call side and I know many banked on the put side yesterday including RetiredMM, BullBear, Gambler and others.

Lets see what today brings. We have Pandora reporting after the bell, and I like her alot. We also have Vera Bradley reporting before the bell tomorrow. Will also look to play off LULU earnings, as it looks like more analysts are getting bullish into earnings... not that we listen to them!


Stock Ticker Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
SHLD CALL $45.00 DEC WKLY 0.34 0.34
VRA CALL $35.00 JAN 0.35 0.35
P CALL $11.00 DEC 0.30 0.30
LULU CALL $80.00 DEC WKLY 0.34 0.34
LULU CALL $85.00 DEC 0.22 0.22


PSA was also upgraded so that one is one watch, but havent traded it before so will wait and see.

Lets have a great trading day!

- jimmybob