Apple Earnings Contest

Seemingly each earnings report from $AAPL is more important than the next, and of course this one is no different.  Which makes it an interesting target for a contest.

It's a simple contest utilizing $1,000 of fake $AAPL bucks and the weekly option chain for $AAPL.

I'll let you do the math.  The price to enter any position will be on the ask if your buying an option and on the bid if you are selling an option.

The object is to see who has the most fake AAPL dollars at the end of the week based upon the entry posted in the comments section below before the market opens on Monday.

Any trade up to $1,000 without going over - with no commission cost.  The money you don't use will be added back at the end.

Here is what your mock trade should look like:

BUY  8 contracts -$124 CALLS  @ $1.15  for -$920   [$80]


BUY 10 contracts - $112 PUTS  @ $1.00 FOR -$1,000


SOLD 5 contracts - $116 PUTS @ $1.98 FOR +990  [$10]


Good luck

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4 thoughts on “Apple Earnings Contest”

  1. Can we do multi leg spreads? Trade below
    Buy to open 50 AAPL 125/127/129 Butterflies at .20
    trade detailed below:
    Buy to Open 50 125c @ .89 = 4450
    Sell to open 100 127c @ .50 = -5000
    Buy to open 50 129c @ .31 = 1550
    Total net cost $1000

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