Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO)

It was January 2012, when we first wrote about  Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO). The stock was in oversold territory and we played the calls for a nice profit on earnings. History has a tendency to repeat itself so we had our eyes on Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO) calls for Tuesday.

Here is our call in chat:

04-30 10:10:52            Message            jimmybob            Option Millionaires Live            VECO 33 @ .80 10 ofem

Those calls closed with a bid of $3.10 today for a 375%+ gain, and since they expire May 19th, we think they can see further gains.

Here is one of the traders who profited from the trade:

10 VECO may 33 c @ 2.15 - in yesterday @ .80 per jimmybob call... thanks again and may look for another entry later in the day...


Check out the chat to see more calls like these : (HERE)

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