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Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO)

It was January 2012, when we first wrote about  Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO). The stock was in oversold territory and we played the calls for a nice profit on earnings. History has a tendency to repeat itself so we had our eyes on Veeco Instruments Inc (VECO) calls for Tuesday.

Here is our call in chat:

04-30 10:10:52            Message            jimmybob            Option Millionaires Live            VECO 33 @ .80 10 ofem

Those calls closed with a bid of $3.10 today for a 375%+ gain, and since they expire May 19th, we think they can see further gains.

Here is one of the traders who profited from the trade:

10 VECO may 33 c @ 2.15 - in yesterday @ .80 per jimmybob call... thanks again and may look for another entry later in the day...


Check out the chat to see more calls like these : (HERE)

CREE and VECO taken to the WOODSHED!

It was only 2010, when CREE and VECO were high flying stocks. It seemed like both these companies were going to take advantage of the huge demand for their LED products, among other things. There were multiple $100+ Price targets on CREE , and VECO started looking more and more undervalued. Fast Foward a year, to 2011, and you have 2 stocks beat to heck on lower demand,  and lower margins.

CREE reports earnings After hours today, and is expected to show an EPS of .26 on 310 million in revenue for Quarter 2. Higher revenues over the year over year quarter, but 50% less profit. Most analysts still hold CREE in high regards, but it is very hard to see the share price move up, when the growth in earnings is not there.

Was quarter 2 the start of a turnaround for CREE? We will find out this afternoon, and are playing VECO calls in anticipation of a possible beat and rosy forecast.

We brought the VECO JAN $24 calls to the chat room at .35.

Happy Trading!!!