Win! WIN! WYNN!!!!!!!!!

We wrote about WYNN last night, and a possible move to $130 short term. What we wrote:

We like WYNN here and think $130 is in the cards in short order. We are putting our chips on the March and April Calls. Check out our watch list and chatroom for the strikes.

We were right with CME, ICE, FOSL, FSLR, PCLN, CSTR... the list goes on and on. And WYNN was no exception. The stock broke out in the morning and ran to $131.50, resulting in massive returns for anyone grabbing $130 calls. Not only that, we got the Hollywood drama we spoke about last night, as the stock was halted as WYNN was busy retracting an 8-k that hit the wires.

Volatility like this is an option traders wet dream. We were able to reload on some WYNN $130 calls when the stock reopened at $125. The stock rocketed to $132 and we were once again able to cash in on some massive returns. All these calls were alerted in our chatroom and watchlist.

Lets see what next week brings, but what a great way to end the week!!


JimmyBob (Scott)has been trading equities for over 15 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. He started trading high risk stock options over the past 7 years, and has proven winning trades in excess of 15,000%.

As one of the Co-Founders of, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge with other investors through timely blog posts, daily watch lists in the forum, weekly webinars, and helpful advice within the chatroom.

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