Last week we quickly have some thoughts on what 2022 may bring.  Lets continue that today.

Quick recap from last week about what 2022 will bring:

  1. Deflation
  2. Low interest rates
  3. Housing Grants
  4. S&P500 5k

and with that lets continue.

We are at an interesting juncture.  The stock market is at record highs.

I've mused before the mentality on buying record highs.  Its akin to walking into the store and asking to buy at prices higher than anyone has ever paid before.  Most people look to buy something on sale or at a discount.  And feel happy when they get something for less than they thought  it was worth.

On the other hand, few people walk into a store and exclaim they are willing to buy things for more than anyone has ever paid for them.... ever!!

So what else can we expect in 2022?

Prediction #5

The Stock Market continues to astound

Despite countless negative headlines in 2022, the stock market remains the place to be, with the S&P500 heading over 5,000 for the first time ever.  There will be plenty of pull backs, but investors continue to see no alternative in a world awash with government spending and low interest rates.

Prediction #6

The Stock market bears will grow in size and number

It doesn't take long to see just how many people are bearish on the stock market.  And why not.  When the price of something since the dawn of man goes higher... it has to pull back at some point right?  There are really so many 'reasons'  aka excuses for the market to fall.  You can really pick any one you want, write a detailed report on just why the market will fall because of it, and then post on twitter incessantly with large red arrows pointing to rapid price declines for the stock market.  And its been a recipe for being wrong the last 12 years.  But that hasn't stopped them.  I think this in itself bodes well for the market in 2022.  A healthy dose of skepticism has always been present.   The market feeds on it.

Prediction #7

Cathie Woods ARKK innovation ETF breaks out higher

Cathie Wood's ARKK ETF did not have a great 2021.   After a sharp rally in early 2021 ARKK fell and is set to close the year much lower than where it started 2021.



on a longer term time frame however, 2021 was just a consolidation for the next move higher.

Prediction #8

Big Blue to become Big Green

Big Green you say?  Yes.   As in the stock will be very green in 2022.

IBM has the feel of those autmakers.... Ford, GM.. that felt like what they were doing was enough.    Finally in 2021  Ford and GM are starting to play catchup.  That is where IBM is into 2022.  Finally trying to catch up after resting on their laurels all these years.



Prediction #9

Twitter.. finally.. gets its wings and flies...

After suffering with a half CEO for over half a decade, Twitter enters 2022 with renewed focus.  WIll it be enough?  Too little too late?

Twitter will trade over $100 in 2022.

Prediction #10

MEME fever returns.   There will be a stock, perhaps one of the familiar names that will have an epic multi day- week run based on nothing but a coordinated asset price inflation frenzy.  There are plenty of names to choose from.  And ironically enough many of the prior meme fueled stocks enter 2022 far below their 2021 starting points... as in new multi year lows.

That is it for now.  Next up the 2022 outlook.

Have a wonderful New Year!!

to sum it up for 2022:

My ten predictions -

  • Deflation
  • Low interest rates
  • Housing Grants
  • S&P500 5k
  • Higher stock market
  • More stock market pessimism
  • ARKK breaks out to the upside
  • IBM roars higher
  • Twitter gets its Wings and Flies
  • MEME fever makes a comeback


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