Wednesday Evening Reads – 5/20/15

It was a FED Minute day.  2pm on FED Minute release day is like the final reveal on Extreme Makeover.  Everyone covers their mouth, cries a little, and then says "oh my God" over and over and over again.  After the initial shock, today I could be found asking these very important questions:    What were they talking about at the last meeting.  When will they raise rates?  Biotech a bubble?  Can I get back into Social Media stocks?  Is the ShackBurger really that good?  So many questions to be answered, and for almost all of them, I still don't have an answer.   Oh Well.

If you needed any reassurance that we are still in the year 2015 -   stocks closed right about where they opened trading at.  Imagine that.  And if you were  off riding the town on that new fancy bicycle of yours.  You know the one you only ride when you are 100% certain all your friends/family/neighbors have no chance of seeing you.  The one with the Banana seat and multi-colored tassals dangling from pastel green hand grips.   Yeah that one.   Well.....  Good news.  I've got you covered.

Wipe that bicycle sweat off your brow, change out of those, 2 sizes too tight, pink spandex and dig in to this evenings reads.  Everything you missed on your ride has been carefully collected for you.  Enjoy:

What The Fed Minutes Tell Us

Greece June Default

Unusual Option Action

$19 Billion Wipeout

Apple Butterfly's

No June Hike For You

$10 Hedge Fund Supercomputer

A Market Chess Recap Video

$15 Min. Wage Will Hurt Workers

Market Rigging Banks Pay $5.8 Billion Fine

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