Webinar Open To All Members This Sunday – Understanding Option Greeks

Those tiny derivative contracts quoted in pennies that we all love, stock options, are sensitive animals.  Among the variables that can drastically change their value are:

  • Movements in the stock price
  • Changes in volatility
  • Changes in interest rates
  • The elapsing of time
  • Movements in the option price that change the option price (Yes, this confusing one is called Gamma)
  • The elapsing of time which causes a change in how an option moves relative to a stock price (This one is called Charm)

This short webinar, Lambda Lambda Lambda? Explaining The Option Greeks, is open to all members will be held this Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.  To register, click the link below.  Feel free to invite friends to join as well!


After the webinar we will be briefly going over key events and what to keep an eye on during the week.  See you then!

Metrotrader (D) is one of the few practicing CMTs (Chartered Market Technicians) in the United States . The CMT certifies his knowledge of market timing and risk management approaches. He tends to look for broad market moves and take advantage of them with index funds. The strategy he principally uses is mostly quantitative, and, tested, and has avoided or capitalized on every major recession since the 1940s. He says the best way to make money is to avoid losing it in the first place.

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