Just when you think you have seen it all, you see something that takes the prize. Folks wearing boots in all types of attire... Pajamas? Shorts? Jeans? Tights? Naked.... well not naked... but you get the idea.

The idea that the most popular footwear name for females, will undergo a slowdown because of the weather,is like saying drug addicts will quit because its too cold out. Weather doesn't matter. If a lady wants to wear boots in 90 degree weather, then more power to her:

I prefer that the analysts take a common sense approach to Deckers Outdoor Corporation, more commonly knows as the stock trading under the symbol DECK.

When its hot out, people will not buy boots. Those extra years at college really have pulled the covers over the eyes of those folks. Last time i checked, Uggz was an iconic brand to the stars. Folks were willing to pay $100+ dollars for any type of replica of the boots worn by Lindsey Lohan(pre-jail sentence) or any other star.

Cant remember the last time it snowed in california, so to use weather as a mean to downgrade a stock that it little effected by it, is quite funny. Well not funny... its a buying opportunity. DECK (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) has been one of the last growth stocks to succumb to the growth stock syndrome.

"DECK is up too much"

So now folks are using any excuse to create a short scenario, which leads us to being bullish on Deck.

Company is growing at a 34% rate YOY, with near 50% margin rates. Its Uggz products, driving 90% of those results, continues to be a class leader. Yet the stock is down over 30% since hitting its high of 118.90 in October.Must be the abnormal heat?

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