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12-3 Watchlist

Welcome to December! Looks like we will start the morning in the green as futures are up. China had some more decent numbers overnight and the concerns of China's economy coming to a crashing halt seem to be fading. Christmas Elf Tim Geithner  was on the Sunday Morning talk shows trying to alleviate "Fiscal Cliff" fears. If you read the watchlist every morning you would know my thoughts, that we melt higher into the end of the year. I give it a few more days before we start hearing "Santa Rally" instead of fiscal cliff.

We have some big movers this morning on upgrades and news articles: DECK is trading over $42 PM on an upgrade, LULU is trading over $73 on an upgrade, DELL is up 4% on an upgrade as well. Others to watch are RIG and LMCA, which were covered in Barron's.

UPB had a great week ahead class last night, and the link for the video will be available sometime today. I know Biglots was his big play, as well as DMND.

My watchlist today is light, as i am a little fearful of a gap and trap. Please don't trade any text alert expecting the same results as last week.


Stock Ticker Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
SHLD CALL  $45.00 DEC WKLY 0.36 0.36
SHLD CALL  $49.00 DEC MONTHLY 0.42 0.40
NFLX CALL  $90.00 DEC WKLY 0.32 0.30
WYNN CALL $115.00 DEC WKLY 0.62 0.40
LNKD CALL  $115.00 DEC WKLY 0.20 0.15

I like SHLD for a bounce sometime this week, hopefully starting today so will try and grab some weeklies. Once i get weeklies will look for some monthlies. Of course you know NETFLIX is one of my favs still. I grabbed 87.50s on friday afternoon and will look to get some 90s today.

WYNN may move on Macau #'s out today, and I am waiting for LNKD to finally start to head towards $120. I dont like the bottom two as much an those are mostly on watch and will probably not get any today.

SODA looks great at the open today so hoping for more follow through.


Lets have a great trading day!!

- Jimmybob

Some of our trades this past week

We had a phenomenal week at option millionaires, with many alerts and trades providing opportunities for huge returns.

The week started with our call of SINA at the open on Tuesday. Noticing the pre-market volume, and the action on all the China ADR's, we thought SINA provided a great risk vs reward opportunity and brought the $55 weekly calls to our chat rooms attention at .40. As SINA started to break out, we also brought the $60 Weekly calls to the chatrooms attention at .08. You can see out chart below after the alerts. The stock had moved up from $50 open to $51.57. We still felt SINA would test $55 in short order, and felt if it broke $55, $60 had a shot before the week was out.


Sure enough, SINA broke $60 by Thursday on a JPM upgrade, and the $55 calls hit a high of $6.50 and the $60 calls hit a high of 2.12. So both alerts returned over 1600% from the alerts. If you bought $80 of the $60 calls, you could have sold for $2k 3 days later.


DECK was another play we have been screaming about, and liked the $90 Jan 21st calls, which we brought to our chat at .60. They hit over $2.00 on Wednesday, as the stock finally hit the $90 target we thought it would hit in short term. Check out the call.

Check out the chart we posted:

Only a few days later DECK hit out short term target to the penny at $90, and has since retreated.

We wrote about PRX, a generic pharma company, on JAN 6th, when the stock was trading at $33.90. We brought the $35 calls currently asking .35, to the attention of our chat room based on some news of possible upside revisions to its performance. Those calls have now hit $1.50 for almost a 500% gain, and should be an even bigger gainer before expiry on friday.

There were many other calls in the chat room. Make sure you check us out this week, as there is only TWO MORE WEEKS until out free trial ends.






DECK (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) up 4.61% today

On a day when the market was mixed, DECK (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) rose 4.61% on double its average trading volume. Of course I could be arrogant and think folks bum rushed the stock based on my rosy analysis last night. It is also quite possible, that some hedge fund managers watched Al Rokers frigid north east forecast, and decided it was time for folks to buy the boots, so they bought the stock.

Either way, DECK was a money maker for those who played it today. We brought the $90 calls up as a great risk vs reward entry @ .60, and they closed at $1.10.

DECK still looks to have some room to run, and the $90 area should be hit in short order.


Much more to come on DECK...



Just when you think you have seen it all, you see something that takes the prize. Folks wearing boots in all types of attire... Pajamas? Shorts? Jeans? Tights? Naked.... well not naked... but you get the idea.

The idea that the most popular footwear name for females, will undergo a slowdown because of the weather,is like saying drug addicts will quit because its too cold out. Weather doesn't matter. If a lady wants to wear boots in 90 degree weather, then more power to her:

I prefer that the analysts take a common sense approach to Deckers Outdoor Corporation, more commonly knows as the stock trading under the symbol DECK.

When its hot out, people will not buy boots. Those extra years at college really have pulled the covers over the eyes of those folks. Last time i checked, Uggz was an iconic brand to the stars. Folks were willing to pay $100+ dollars for any type of replica of the boots worn by Lindsey Lohan(pre-jail sentence) or any other star.

Cant remember the last time it snowed in california, so to use weather as a mean to downgrade a stock that it little effected by it, is quite funny. Well not funny... its a buying opportunity. DECK (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) has been one of the last growth stocks to succumb to the growth stock syndrome.

"DECK is up too much"

So now folks are using any excuse to create a short scenario, which leads us to being bullish on Deck.

Company is growing at a 34% rate YOY, with near 50% margin rates. Its Uggz products, driving 90% of those results, continues to be a class leader. Yet the stock is down over 30% since hitting its high of 118.90 in October.Must be the abnormal heat?

We are buyers of calls. Check us out on our chat to get strikes and expiries.