Tuesdays Gone With the Wind

Tuesday was another volatile session for the market, with stocks opening higher, selling off, and then recovering into the close.

Bonds continued to see strength, and if the ECB delivers on Thursday we could see $TLT spike further to the upside.


A Musical Interlude as we continue the Recap:

Tuesday's Gone with the Wind:

Oil sold off again today and looks poised for further weakness, but energy held its own and could be headed for higher prices:


Earnings are out tonight.  My $IBM calls, barring a massive stick save, will likely be worth $0.00 tomorrow.  Trading earnings is a big risk.  I did not get any $CREE options and earnings are going the other way.  $NFLX is up big tonight and looks poised to break back over $420.  Those options will likely work tomorrow.  Congratulations.

I traded BIDU quickly this morning for a nice profit, entered those $IBM calls, and also bought $FEYE calls,

After the bell today $FEYE is building on today's positive session.  I do think this is a $40 stock before to long.... wouldn't it be great to see it happen this week?  There is almost 20% short interest in the name:

Tomorrow and Beyond

We've had two positive sessions, which is quite a streak in 2015.  It's smart to remain cautious still and trade names you know, rather than taking a stab at timing the indexes.  I think the market will remain choppy until Thursday where it will be either blast or crash.  Right now I am looking for the market to remain some what contained until then, meaning tomorrow's session may be one of the calmer ones of 2015.

I will have a post later on about earnings for tomorrow's session:


Have a great evening.

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