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2016 Predictions

What is the point of making predictions?

Peter Drucker — 'Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.

Mr.  Drucker must have never heard of a Google driver-less car.  And what fun is driving into the New Year without your lights on?  You might not be able to see miles ahead, but when those road blocks come you can navigate around them.  So here we are... 2016 is coming... how are you driving your car into 2016?  A quiet country road with your lights off?  Or a busy 6 lane highway at 100 MPH?  Maybe you are trying to lose weight and your walking instead.  Walking gives you a chance to look around.

As the late Yogi Berra once said " You can observe a lot just by watching"

My 2015 Predictions

How did my 2015 predictions go?

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Tuesday’s Gone

Stocks looked strong early but lost their luster late.  Three of the last four Tuesdays have seen stocks take a tumble.

The Tuesday Tumble.  Red Tuesday.  Terrible Tuesday.  Tell Me About it Wednesday Tuesday.  Take The Day Off Tuesday.  Whatever you want to call it.  It's nothing like a Tuesday in 2013 when the market rallied 20 consecutive Tuesdays.  But it is certainly something to keep an eye on, especially with the timing and velocity of the pull backs.

The market has continued to fall in the days following a Terrible Tuesday.  Will tomorrow see a continuation of this trend?  Or will the market rebound?  Some great thoughts on that here:

Where Is The Market Going Tomorrow?

Some additional thoughts and charts:

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