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Less than a month ago $IBB was putting in a wonderful head and shoulders topping pattern.  Patterns have been working out quite well in 2015, especially the ones pointing to downside.

More on the here:

Love it when the plan comes together

I also covered the looming top in $IBB a few times, most notably here: 

I think we are setting up again for Biotech.  It's been a wonderful move off the crash lows.

That $360 level was strong support.  And when it broke it took prices down with it.  We are now coming back to that $360 level.  Guess what?  It's going to be nasty resistance, and I'm not so sure it will be broken.  Also as the price fails at $360, we are also looking at a terrific bear flag pointing to more downside ahead.

I'll be looking for some PUTs into this move.


Trades I am looking at.

This weeks: $IBB $350 puts $2.75  or $GILD $110 puts for $1.10 or $CELG $123 weekly puts $1.40

I think this move will start to come to fruition this week.  The beginning of $IBB's break lower started on a Thursday and carried though to the middle of the following week.  That is the tyoe of scenario I'll be looking for if I enter any of these positions.

Will keep the action posted in the chat room if I get into any of these trades.

Finally the reason I included $GILD and $CELG is they each make up over 8% of $IBB.  You ma find the option pricing for them a little more friendly, as well as the spreads on the options.

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