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9-28 Watchlist

We finally had a nice green day yesterday as Spain was able to quell some nervous nellies as well as folks filing unemployment claims was at a multi month low. Futures were green over night but have been falling throughout the am as folks started to worry again about europe and  the announcement of the Spanish bank stress tests.

AAPL had a huge move yesterday and I know quite a few were able to bank some money on the calls. There were also quite a few other movers including some of the commodities. As i write this the only three stocks on my daily list is FB, RIMM, and VXX.

It is the end of the month so not sure how to play it and will watch for some entries on some plays that may reap dividend for a daily flip on the weeklies. The list is short today, here they are with strikes:

AAPL 685 C / CF 225 C / GOOG 755 C / NKE 90 P / PCLN 630 C


That is all I will be looking at today and will continue to hold my OCT calls in FDS/AZO/SODA/ISRG and others.


Lets have a great friday! See you in chat!

- Jimmy

9-27 Watchlist

With yesterdays holiday past us, today is poised to bring more volatility and volume. We have quite a bit of data and news coming out. The Jobs numbers and GDP numbers as well as durable goods orders giving mixed signals.  Jobless claims dropped to the lowest level in months while durable goods orders also dropped and GDP came in below ests. Futures were ramping overnight and this morning and faded a bit on the numbers, but have since moved back up higher.

We are awaiting a press conference on Spains plans at 9am eastern, which hopefully will calm any remaining fears. If things go as planned, the market should hold its gains and maybe rally today.. or at least thats what i think.

Some plays I am holding:

GOOG 770/775 calls | NFLX 57.50 calls  | BIDU $115 calls | AZO $400 calls | WYNN 120 calls also holding JBL FDS ISRG SODA and others in my other account.

Not sure if I will be adding any positions today but will be eyeing a few :

LNKD if it breaks 120 ill look again at some calls. Faded yesterday and never pulled the trigger

AAPL : Great video by UPB http://stocktwits.com/message/9706613 - wont play it but calls maybe in order


The best ones to play today will be the ones that were taken down the most in this 4 day pullback.

Stay tuned to chat for intra day plays. Will also be using the text service sometime today or tomorrow so be ready: https://www.optionmillionaires.com/sms-stock-option-alerts/

Remember playing a stock that is gapping reduces your odds of success. Sometimes better to sit on your hands then raise your risk.

Lets have a great trading day!


- Jimmy

9-19 Watchlist

Yesterday was somewhat flat day and closed slightly in the green. AAPL closed above 700 and GOOG nearing $720. Last night Japan announced an increase in their asset purchase program raising it to the tune of $1 trillon. Do not fight the central banks.


Folks continue to feel like we have reached a top in the market, I think we are just consolidating for the inevitable moves to $150 on the SPY.


What I am watching today:


CBRL – Cracker Barrel reported nice earnings this morning. Not raising outlook or anything but should see a nice move . Lookin at OCT 70 calls @ .30 and maybe Sept $70 calls as a lotto


BBBY -  stock devastated on last earnings. Should be another volatile trade AH’s. Will look for my first straddle play with the 72.50 calls @ .31 or so and the 62.50 puts @ .45 or so.


AZO – will look for calls at the topen as I think BEARS will not win. Depending on where it opens I will find strikes 20-30 away





Positions I am still holding : SODA 42.50s/45 c | FOSL 95/100 C | MAKO 20/22.50 Sept c| ISRG oct 585 c | SFLY 35 C |  LULU 70 P | WYNN 120s


Small list but will be nimble today. I think today will be the start of a 2-3 rally into the weekend. I will play accordingly.




_- Jimmybob

9-7 Watchlist

It seems like just yesterday when the world thought Europe's financial system was going to collapse on the weight of its severe debt issues. We posted this in june : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/2012/the-bizzaro-jerry/ . Fast forward 3 months and we are now over 4 year  highs. Amazing! Are we better off now? Hard to say, but i guess the market thinks we are.

We had the August job numbers this morning. Unemployment dropped to 8.1% but less jobs were created then expected. Either way I think we ramp on these numbers. We are in a HEADS Bulls win TAILS bears lose environment.

I think we have some laggards follow through today, although I wouldnt call a 1%+ move being a laggard, but they did trail the indices. AAPL and PCLN are both on my early morning lotto radar for some calls today. PCLN was upgraded to buy and should see a 3-5%+ move. AAPL needs to break $680, then i think it flies to $690... Will look for $625/630 calls on PCLN and $685/690 on AAPL - PURE LOTTO PLAYS!

Others on watch today : CRM for the 150 break.

Still holding CMG calls and will add $310 calls on $305 break for lotto.

ISRG is another lotto. Will watch $500 calls for lotto.


Thats all for now. Lets finish the week GREEN!!!


- JImmybob

MAKO… Not the shark…

Everyone is always looking for the next Apple, the next NFLX, the next AMZN... the next revolutionary company that is currently trading under the radar. The next stock that will turn your 401k into an 801k. The one that will turn your thousands into hundreds of thousands. Just type a search into google for the next big stock, and you will see there are many others on the same mision. And of course, many folks who already advertise a stock as the next big thing.

One of those stocks we were alerted to was MAKO, a medical device company that markets its advanced robotic arm solution and orthopedic implants for orthopedic procedures. Is this the next big stock? Well how could it be, as there is already a market leader in ISRG (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.).

But what we do have with MAKO, is a company that is really starting to grow and turn profitable. MAKO is up from the high 20's over the past 2 weeks, on some nice revenue news as well as the JP Morgan medical conference of 2012. We recommended the $30 calls last week, and like MAKO to test the $40 range in the next week.