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Friday Focus – Strong End to the ‘Weak’

While a strong end to the week couldn't get stocks back to the levels it started the week at,  the new month is off to a great start.    Yesterdays nasty sell-off was swiftly reversed.  We've seen this story many times over the last six plus years with each ending to the story leaving the bears in tears and the bulls rejoicing record highs.

If you didn't read last nights recap, you wouldn't have seen this:

"S&P 500 bounced off medium term trendline support.  We may have seen the low today of this pull back from record highs."

Yesterday the bears were out celebrating the end to an incredible 6 year bull market.  Shorting every rip.  Selling any and every rally..... and today?  Gone.  No where to be seen.  A face rip reversal can be quite effective, and that is exactly what we got from yesterdays lows to today's highs.  A 'shut the bear up reversal'.

One mans 'short of the century' is another man's consolidation.  2015 remains a tough slog with big gains getting reversed and vice versa.  However stocks are higher and the trend remains up.

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Friday Focus – Earnings Explosion

Amazon capped a record week with an almost 15% on the day.  In Wednesdays Earnings Playbook I highlighted the $415 Calls at $6.00.  Those options traded for over $30 today.


$MSFT pulled off a big earnings move as well soaring over the expected $1.50 move and seeing it another $3.00 for a $4.50 total move.  The $44.50 calls at $.25 I highlighted in the Earnings Playbook proved their worth soaring over 1,000%.

$MSFT  $44.50 Call Chart

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