Some Implied Move for Earnings Next Week(May 31st – June 3rd)

Here are some of the implied moves for companies reporting earnings next week(And the explanation on how I tabulate/use the moves : )

$CRWD 11.6%
$RH 11.1%
$LULU 9.4%
$OKTA 13.6%
$ASAN 28.1%
$PD 18.5%
$ZUMZ 14.2%
$CHWY 19.1%
$GME 19.5%
$MDB 16.5%
$NTAP 7.9%
$SMTC 9.8%
$VEEV 11.5%
$ESTC 16.9%
$HRL 4.5%
$CIEN 10.0%
$AFMD 26.6%
$CPRI 11.2%
$CONN 18.0%
$WB 10.5%
$HPQ 8.3%
$AMBA 17.7%
$YY 11.6%
$HTHT 13.9%
$APPS 15.7%
$CRM 8.5%
$CHPT 14.4%

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