Sell the R.I.P.


Sell the RIP, or more appropriately.... R.I.P.

The Swiss Project that started in 2011,   of pegging their currency to the Euro at all costs.... it ended last night.  It took stock futures and a host of currencies with it.   I think in a nut shell it shows that Central Bank Manipulation is terrible for the markets.   It's great when they are goosing the markets higher,  but when they step aside all hell breaks loose.

I have never seen a currency move like the Swiss Franc did last night.  Never.  Judging from market reactions its bullish.   Let's crash every currency in 2015, we just might be able to eke out some growth.

The markets remain volatile.  I think this equates to lower stock prices.  Let's watch the $QQQ for sign.  $100 or lower.... its on.


R.I.P. CHF crosses

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