May 22nd, 2014 Positions and market update

Markets continued their rally into Thursday with the Nasdaq and Small caps leading the charge, while the DOW closed slightly in the green. The $SPY tested the $190 level, only to fail and fade near the end of the day on the HPQ pre-release of earnings.

It was a huge day for Zillow as the stock broke into new all-time highs and held the gains through the day. A very strong sign. I locked in most of my calls and will close the rest tomorrow.

CRM provided a great opportunity and the $52.50 calls  alerted in the chatroom and private twitter @ .07 hit 1.74, while the $53s from yesterday at .31 hit 1.32. These bounce plays on earnings can be one of the most rewarding if timed right, and with some luck.

SHLD reported a weak report but think folks are starting to see the light, and the stock rallied from being down big at $34, to being up over 4% at the close . The SHLD calls were on the watchlist and they are up slightly, although they are June strikes and will have time on their side. Think the stock breaks over $40 soon...

GOOGL broke above the 50dma and looks set for a test of $560 tomorrow, where I may look to lock some in before the weekend. GOOGL tends to spike in the AM, and will look for an exit of some there.

I also added some SSYS calls and like the stock to retest $100 on the major breakout today.

Today was a great day, and shows why one or two days in option trading can make up for a few days of futile trading.

I say this quite a bit, but sometimes its best to tune out the noise and the sensationalism that occurs all over the financial media...

Here are my current positions:

Tracker 5-22-14 a


Still working on the new private twitter feed so stay tuned to the old ones for updates!

Have a great evening!

- JB

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