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Yesterday the S&P500 opened at a record high to start the week, and proceeded to slowly drip lower as the trading session wore on closing  near session lows.

It was not a dramatic collapse of prices.  It was a terribly slow, deliberate, decline, that is currently getting reversed pre-market today.

Downside continuation has been fickle at best the last few years.  Rarely does the S&P500 find itself sharply lower two sessions in a row.  Today follows that trend.

Earnings this morning are helping to fan the price recovery flames.

$CAT is over $140 at new all time highs.

$MMM is sharply higher trading at new all time highs and a sticky note away from $230.

The VIX is getting clobbered pre-market down 5%.

However, despite the morning recovery I think odds are growing for some sort of correction.

Yes correction.  Pull back.  Decline.   Downside.

As I pointed out on Friday, and was confirmed yesterday with the near 2% decline for some of the FANG names,   FANG is rolling over heading into some key late week earnings reports.

Watch the FANG!

Friday Focus: Watch The FANG


Now all is not lost just yet.  Perhaps this decline is enough to spark yet another buying frenzy to record highs.  Perhaps the decline for $AMZN will lead to a massive recovery and $1,000+ price after earnings on Thursday.

However the FANG weakness could be a prelude to a more broader decline as momentum wanes.

Small caps, despite the  pre-market recovery, have already shown a break from its recently positive momentum ways.

$QQQ and $SPY are close behind.  In each case a momentum roll over has led to at least a brief decline.  And in this market the moves to fresh record highs have come after  a move lower in prices.

Let's keep an eye on $QQQ and $SPY for a possible end of month sell-off.

$QQQ nearing a momentum sell signal


and the shorter term S&P500 futures chart is a decent guide.  If the morning rip gets sold - sets up a nice H&S pattern:

The last time the $SPY suffered a red month was last October.


and finally a decent trade set-up regardless of where the market heads>

$XLE.  I will be looking for puts as the recent action was rejected at long term resistance/support

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