LNKD – Just like the Doctor ordered

Back in the day, an upgrade from Goldman Sacks was a welcome sign for a company and investors alike. The conviction buy list actually lived up to the name. Recently it seems Goldman Sacks has lost its luster. Stocks it upgrades fizzle... the conviction buy list?? Isn't that the daily read in the New York Penitentiary?

Goldman Sacks finally read this blog. LinkedIn(LNKD), which is up from  $64 in early march, eclipsed the $100 barrier today on an upgrade from the once relevant investment firm. We have been writing about this stock for weeks. Read here.

It didn't take overpaid analysts to see the bargain on LinkedIn(LNKD) shares. It must mean Goldman Sacks(GS) finished loading up on some shares. Fully expect this manipulated stock to cross and hold the $100 barrier for good sometime in the next 5 days.

We said it would break $100 last week.. a 10% move. Well no more then 7 days later, the stock obeyed our orders. Option traders reaped the rewards today. Take a look at the charts:





 LinkedIn(LNKD) continues to shine after its most recent earnings report, dilution none-with-standing. Expect a consolidation day or so, before the lock and load above $100. Or maybe you should ask the folks over at Goldman Sacks(GS), they seem to have "casually-late" down to a science.

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