Hamina-hamina-hamina-hamina – Market Crash?

Good ole, Ralph Kramden, if he was around today (and trading stocks), would be 150% short.

"I'm tellin ya Alice, this is the greatest time to go short the market"


"Ralphie, isn't that what you've been saying every week for the last 5 years? How are we ever going to get our ice box back?"

This market has been an obvious short. Almost too easy. (facetious) Each week I type "market crash" into Google and watch a host of new 'articles' pop up. I grab my popcorn and read.

"Market crash not inevitable, says Guy Stern"

Yep and neither is a 15% market rally, but the term "crash" = internet traffic. (and why this article has "market crash"  in the title)

"Stock Market Crash Indicators: Three More Warning Signs"

Wow.  Just one more warning sign should have you popping anxiety pills,  here you get triple the dosage.

"10 Peaking megabubbles signal impending stock crash"

It keeps getting better!  This article states we arent in a bubble, as most say we are...ITS A MEGABUBBLE!   And not just one MEGABUBBLE - there's 10 of em!!!

10 PEAKING MEGABUBBLES!  The headline begs for you to click it.  A similar article written for Facebook would be titled: "Large Asteroid to Hit Earth in 10 days, Click here to find out how to escape with your life"

My point is the same point I've been making for quite a while, this market isn't going to fall apart on a headline, an event, a conflict.  It's going to fall apart long after all the Ralph Kramdens are done calling for a crash.  When good ole Ralphie boy screams "To the Moon Alice!", that will be the time to go short.  The market is going to fall apart for no obvious reason, and more than likely, when everyone thinks it should rally.

"The market should be up 3%, not rapidly collapsing"

When the financial network guru's are all long the market, when they are no longer "nervous", or telling you to sit in cash.... that could be when the cracks start to form.

I don't see this market topping any time soon.  For the last few months, with the Tech Wreck of 2014 and the Ukraine "crisis" I was saying what has been abundantly clear every step of the way since the lows in 2009.  Every dip remains a tremendous buying opportunity.




I look at the recent pattern of consolidation for the $QQQ and today's break higher out of it, as an indication that we are at the start of the next leg higher for stocks.  



The money that was flowing into bonds and blue chip stocks during the Tech Wreck, are going to flow right back into the Tech and Momentum stocks that are 30-50% cheaper now than they were a mere month ago.

The same people who were telling you the trading action, indicators, oscillators, sentiment, economic data was going to lead to a big pull back for stocks, are the one's that are going to be saying "Hamina-hamina-hamina-hamina" as the market rallies like a speeding city transit bus.

My previous market crash piece from last year




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