People always try the short cut. Its the lazy way. The short cut was buying LNKD SINA RENN and other stocks based on the Facebook IPO.


If Facebook is valued possibly at 100 billion, then how can you say Google is only worth 157 billion? Make no sense, and thats why she goes $640+ short term as folks start chasing the trade(Right now she is at $610)

We bought the $625 FEB 10th weekly calls this morning at .55.


Happy Trading!

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5 thoughts on “GOOG (GOOGLE)”

  1. Jimmy that argument is not going to propel stock IMOP, two reason, we are already came too far so we need breather, second we do not know where face book will be marketed (price wise), I think you will lose all on these if you hold all the way. Yes you can make some coins on itraday move.
    More time is needed to reach your target.
    Disclaimer I must say I was wrong many times in past but I was correct also few times.

  2. Got two days. Half of trading is intuition and your gut. Mine tells me we see $620 before the weeks out. Anyone playing weeklies should understand the risk of them going to zero in a few minutes or hours, so thats the risk we take. Thanks for your input.

  3. I agree with you. I looked from Max pain theory which is favoring 615 so yes it could go to 620.
    620 because they over shoot in direction of trend.

  4. I am interested to learn what happen to those calls and what is your opinion on Google now? Do you think AAPl has more momentum in it or it will just churn around here?
    Thanks for your time.

  5. expired worthless. The risk you take with weekly options. Still thinking GOOG takes off. Not in AAPL but up to much now to try and make money on her via options. Will watch her.

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