Friday Focus: Just One of Those Weeks

Friday Focus for Stock Options Traders at Option Millionaires

If you listen to any of my market videos, chat room audio, I have mentioned all too frequently that April 2008 Google earnings spike that sent options from $.50 to $50.  $500 to $50,000.  Today the GOOGLE earnings move far surpassed that one in 2008.  Simply incredible.  The $600 calls from $.10 to $102.96 or $10 to $10,296 on one contract.

A one thousand dollar buy at the low last week would have found you a millionaire before lunch time today.  Stock options can humble you one day and blow your mind the next..... today.... its mind blown.

Just one of a host of trades from the chat room today.

What an amazing day to witness those who got in the earnings trade before the move on social media and in the chat room here.

There is no better way ending the week than watching others bringing home some tremendous profits, and also snag some profits yourself.  I owned the $BIDU $195 calls heading into today, as did some in the chat room.

One in fact bought 100 contracts, which I noted at the time was quite a large position for such a risky trade.  It ended up working out wonderfully.

That $BIDU trade is $1,900 into $20,000.

Besides sitting at support I also thought a GOOGLE move would help spark a $BIDU rally..... it did.  $BIDU went from $190 yesterday to $200 today.  Those calls from $.30 to over $5.  Those 100 contracts could have been sold later in the session for $50,000.

Imagine making $18k in one trade, but leaving another $30k on the table.

JB was all over DUST and LNKD this week.  Both did very well with DUST closing just off highs of the week.  How about that LNKD.  He was in the calls before the analysts got all giddy this week.  It worked out rather nicely.

and good ole DUST and PCLN paying off

With earnings season just heating up, there will be plenty more of these spikes and crashes.  It's been a volatile 2015 for earnings reports.  $NFLX, $GOOGL, and it's only just begun.  $AAPL and $IBM next week just to name two.

More chat room chatter from today.  No better way to end the week then seeing some incredible trades.  A group of incredible option/stock traders who day in and day out bring it.

Not every day is like today.  But it's Friday and it was a great big exclamation point on a great week:


See you in the chat room Monday morning where we can start up another tremendous week.

Not a chat room member?  Come join us next week for a trial and see the incredible trading community first hand.  Send an email to with the subject Earnings Trial.

Have a great weekend.




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