Coming January 1st – My Top 5 Stocks for 2024


It's that time again! It will be Year 11 for my 'Top 5 Stocks' Webinar which will be out before the year is over. 2023 was a crazy one. We had the regional bank run in the spring, recession worries, soaring mortgage rates, geopolitical tensions with two wars ongoing, and much more. Yet, here we are with markets right at all-time highs(or at all-time highs when you are reading this). 2024 should be another fun one...

I say this every year:

"If there is one area in the markets I feel I can truly hang my hat on and call my own, is finding stocks before the herd - seeing a gem when everyone else sees a dirty rock. Hopefully that continues in 2024. There is nothing like the feeling of stumbling on something big and undiscovered while doing some due diligence. The icing on the cake is seeing it come to fruition."

For those new to my Top 5 webinars, here are some of the things I look for:

You can see the last 5 Webinars here(can put a quick search on the OM site for the rest):





2019: :

2023 also saw more of my Top 5 stocks from the previous years being acquired. Add $HSKA, $ICPT, and $AYX to the buyout list that includes $LNKD, $MB, $RLYP, $SCTY, $FEYE, $MLNX, and $GBT. $DOCU also is reported to be looking for suitors and $SSYS has active buyout bids. That makes 20% of the stocks I have made my Top 5 stocks in previous years being acquired... $DOCU & $SSYS would make it 24%. Considering buyout potential is one of the traits I look for in my Top 5 stocks, I would have to say I have been pretty lucky.

Some would say it is pointless to try and predict the future, but I argue that I think with trading you need to swing the odds in your favor anyway you can, and spending time doing due diligence can do just that.

Either way, excited for 2024 and hope you enjoy the Webinar when it comes out.

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Want to wish everyone a Happy , Safe, prosperous and Healthy New Year!!!


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