43,000% Gain? It Was Just One of Those Days

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Today was a Friday to remember.  While $SPY reclaimed $210 the week ended with some massive option movers, many of which were capitalized upon with tremendous results.

How about a 43,000% gain?  Chipotle Mexican Grill, $CMG,  rallied over 5% today for no other reason than it could.  The company had no excuse for the rally.  There was no news, no analyst remarks, just a massive rally in the name.  With the stock unexpectedly soaring the stock options were flying faster than an overcooked organic pinto bean.  The Free Range  weekly call options were  moving higher like a  hand massaged,  leashlessly walked, GMO Free Turkey, on high grade  legal marijuana with cage free sour cream on the side.  The big green numbers on the left are not something you see often.  43k% 24k%  staggering numbers.  It's a $20 into $9,500 type move.  WOW.  WOW.

$NFLX was up early on an upgrade, and didn't look back closing at session highs.  It was a great day to be long and many were in the chat room at varying strikes of  CALLs that rallied thousands of percent.

The $445 $NFLX calls highlighted in the private twitter feed rallied from $.26 to $9.99 or had you bought 10 contracts at $.26 for $260, they were worth $9,990 at the close.


How about $ISRG?  This is a stock covered recently in the week ahead live webinar.

Ever see a stock move $.20 to $8.00 in an hour?  How about a stock option?  Today it happened and JB was all over it with some incredible results.  From today's private twitter feed:

Options were going wild today in $NFLX, $ISRG, and


even the usual dull and boring $GE got in on the act with 1,000%+ gains:

It's a tremendous time to be trading stock options.

On top of the option moves, the market moved exactly where it was supposed to this week.  Read more about that here: Here

Have a Great Weekend and be sure to tune in for the live week ahead webinar.  Last week the $ISRG calls from the webinar went 4,000% in an hour.  With earnings season upon us, what will be the next big mover?


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