8 Reasons Why You are Going To Get Ebola

The Ebola Epidemic has reached the "Honey I hope your the girlfriend your cheating on me with starts foaming blood" stage.

Ebola.  It's as big now as QE  was 5 years ago.  And guess what?  5 years later no one gives a *hit.

If Ebola goes airborne 70% of us are fooked.  If Ebola remains a bloody french kiss away from infection, we are all going to survive.  Yeah your dumb Jet fan buddy isn't going to die from Ebola.  That dude that's been staring at your wifes boobs the last few years.... nope.... hes going to live....

Ebola draws viewers.

It scares people.

Ebola... bottom line... is a money maker.

I've been writing for a long time.  But my Ebola 8 reasons post may just be the most popular I have ever written!  I love you Ebola.  Now go infect all my enemies.

10 reasons why you are going to get Ebola:

(1)  You French kissed someone bleeding from their mouth

(2) You took blood and bathed in it

(3) You hugged a dead Ebola Patient

(4) You decided now as the time to be a blood bother to an Ebola Patient

(5) You decided now is the time to be a blood sister to an Ebola Patient.

(6) You asked the CDC if you could Fly

(7) The government said there is no way this Virus will spread

(8) The dude you just shook hands with is bleeding all over and cursing your name.


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