Beam me up Scotty!

We wrote about PCLN( a few weeks back, after it hit $448, and was added to Cramers "Stay Away" list. (read here) We spoke how PCLN was a best of breed stock, and folks should take advantage of the dip. Well its almost 30 days later, and PCLN ( finally looks ready to break the $494 wall we spoke of.

Making money on options is all about finding ones that move. If they stay flat, you lose money, plain and simple. PCLN has a history of some big swings(Beta). We fully expect PCLN to trade above $500 this week. We brought the $505 weekly calls at .70 this morning to our chat room.

I think i can hear the transporter room going as I write this, and Captain Kirk getting set to beam us up.


Happy Trading!

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