Thursday Morning Reads – 2/26/15

Stock futures are a little higher this morning.  We are a stones throw away from the $SPY algo's gone wild high of late December 2014.  With record high stock prices comes the continued calls for the stock market to crash.  Twice bitten 100 times shy.  Those not long the market will continue to justify their stance via exceedingly bearish commentary.

I've prepared myself the same way the last 6 years, and in honor of the preperations I made for the market crashes of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.... here is what I am reading this morning in anticipation of a stock market crash in 2016:

Marissa Meyer is paying her employees

Goldman Employees Bring Home The Bacon

Stock Market Crash Coming!

The Bible is telling us its a stock bubble

The Stock Market Crash of 2016

Stock Market will crash 50% in 2016

Mark your 2016 calendar for a stock market crash

The Banksters are planning a 2016 stock market crash

Consensus Building for a 2016 Stock Market Bubble and Crash

Thom Hartman says a crash is coming in 2016

The Biggest Crash Ever is coming in 2016

Stock Market Crash Days Away

DOW 6,000 by 2016

The Great Stock Market Crash of 2016

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