The Path Less Traveled

Making decisions is part of life, and we make them every second of our day.

Do I have Mcdonalds for lunch?

Do I call my mom today?

Do I give money to the bum with the change jar?

Do I SHORT the Euro???


Some of these decisions are easy, as human nature to follow the herd down the road most traveled.

Do I have Mcdonalds?: Yes, even though it makes you feel like a pig!

Do I call my mom today? Yes, because it makes you feel like you are a good son/daughter.

Do I give money to the bum with the change jar? No, because you see him with hundreds in his jar every week.

Do I SHORT the Euro? No, because that is the road MOST traveled!



Every two bit analysts and forex expert has been saying they are short the Euro, and why not. With the impending implosion of the Eurozone, the Euro is sure to come down to parity with the US dollar. It would only make sense with all the debt troubles. But if the market was this easy, we would all be Millionaires. You wouldn't be reading this blog, or subscribing to out site. Heck, i wouldn't be writing about it... But its the EXACT reason why i am.

The Euro isnt going to SHIT like everyone is betting on. Why? Well those are questions to answer somewhere down the road. This market is not rational, and taking the road MOST traveled will sometimes land you in the poor house.

I will have an update on friday, and will bet the EUR has risen nicely against the USD.


Disclosure: I Just went long the EUR/USD at 130.22

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