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Option Recap – Tuesday – 6/2/15

Today's trading session eerily resembled yesterdays.  Stocks started the day lower, rallied until mid-day and gave back 50% of that intra-day rally into the close.  As JB aptly put it in his wonderful $YELP piece today,  it was like Deja Vu all over again for the market.

If you missed yesterdays Option Recap you missed the unusual $LLY activity right near the close.  Those options rallied over 100% after today's open as $LLY literally fell out of bed.

That $INTC trade I'm sticking in is beginning to hit paydirt.   What else was going on today?   I've got a lot more to share today than I did yesterday..... if that can be considered an answer.

Let's get into it.  I am looking to piggyback a smaller trade

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