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9-11 Watchlist

What a great start to the week with CMG continuation and SODA explosion. Lets hope the MOJO continues. As long as this market stays somewhat flat and melts higher these multi-day runners should continue. ONTO THE WATCHLIST:

SODA - like her for a multi-day breakout. With GMCR continuing to run expect some carry-over to SODA. Stock should be over $50 already IMHO so anything is possible. Grabbed 42.50/45 calls ontop of my 40.

MAKO - Think its the play of the day here im thinking. Joining the oversold bounce bandwagon. Figure she tests $20 today or tomorrow. $20 calls the play.

SLV/AGQ - will look to grab calls as the shake yesterday should be enough to break the next leg. AGQ 60 calls / SLV 34/35 calls


Others on watch: COH, TIF, PCLN, CMG, GMCR, LNKD


Short list today, want to keep focused on the few movers. Stay tuned to chat / twitter for alerts!


Lets have a great day!


- jimmybob

Sodastream (SODA) – pop pop fizz fizz…


Sodastream (SODA) is a company we have been high on for sometime and have wrote about her throughout 2012. This company has continued to produce huge results quarter after quarter, only to find the shorts holding larger and larger positions. This mornings earnings release and subsequent conference call was music to stockholders ears. Not only did they beat estimates and raise their outlook, but also announced they are finally headed into the worlds largest retailer... Walmart.

This is the news everyone was waiting for and should help keep Sodastream (SODA)'s growth story intact. We like this stock for the longer term, and think she tests $65 by the middle of the summer.

Here is what we were saying about SODA this week via our AM watchlist and chatroom:


SODA : old favorite that we have all played over the past few months. Thanks GMCR for scaring out some folks. SODA will beat like it has every Q, but there will be no kinks in the report this time, and stock will go $40+. Will be looking for $35/37.50s this morning for the ramp up.


We expect Sodastream (SODA) to be one of the stocks they will talk about at the end of 2012. Guess time will tell if we are right...