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7-30-2012 Watchlist

We had some great plays to end an amazing week, and looking forward to another week of earnings plays to go along with a market that may be headed for 4 year highs. There is not many thing you can count on in life... death... taxes... and manipulation from central banks. It seemed like the world was coming to an end the last few weeks, now none of that matters. Continue to focus ont the trade and lets have a great week.


I posted retiredmms watchlist here: https://www.optionmillionaires.com/forums/topic/retiredmm-watchlist-7-30-2012/


Here are the ones I am watching today:


LNKD - already bought the $120 calls @ .80 on friday. I will probably look to add some $125/$130s so i can lock the $120s in sometime this week. There are MANY differeing views on LNKD earnings thursday, so expect a VOLATILE move. Whether thats up or down. who knows. But you know where I am betting it will go! ~ ūüôā


PCLN - Every time a stock runs up $55+ in a day, folks start looking for puts. Pricelines move friday was an indication to me that folks had the stock and the sector wrong. I think PCLN continues to move on over zealous buying and breaks $700 today. I then think it will ramp to $740 this week. I maybe wrong, but these are the type of moves that make a few hundred into a few thousand. I have the $725 calls right now and may add more if there is any weakness.


AMZN - Again, this stock is one of those that make folks scratch their head. Why was it up after a poor earnings report thursday? Heck, they are making less profit and have an INSANE PE ratio! Again, all about growth and I think this stock is headed to $250+ this weak before any pullback. Closed near HOD on friday and I think $242+ comes today. I already have $255 weekly and will add some $245/250s after the open.


Stocks for earnings: FLS after the close : STX after the close


Like FLS for some calls, will post strikes in chat. Unsure of STX but think it will be volatile.


Thats all for now, lets have a great week!!!