Some Wednesday Ideas

Yesterdays early weakness morphed into afternoon strength.  When have we seen this before?  Buy the dip, rope a dope, whatever you want to call it, these morning pull backs have been great buying opportunities.

Yesterday morning $GOOGL was red.  It was lower.  The stock was hanging around 795-796.  It had been weeks of stagnant action for Google.

The options were pricing in more of the same.  The $810 weekly calls were asking $.40.  Hundreds of contracts were sold at $.30.  The $805 calls were $1.00.   You are talking about options 1% away with 4 sessions to go.  These are options that would be priced 100%+ higher if this wasn't 2016.

Boring Breakouts. 

Boring Breakouts

FANG was back.   After a boring August, Facebook Amazon Google and Netflix were roaring higher.

Amazon and Facebook hit new all time highs.  $GOOGL missed by a few $.  $NFLX broke over $100 for the first time in a few months.

Are the breakouts upon us?  We will get confirmation this week, but so far, so good.

$FB $130  $AMZN $800 $GOOGL $820 $NFLX $105 this week?

I am already in some $GOOGL $805 calls from yesterday and $NFLX $100 Calls from last week.  The $NFLX calls have a week and a half of time left on them.

These calls went over $7 yesterday.  I think $GOOGL has a great chance to break to new highs this week, meaning $814+.  Yesterday early on I thought $800 would work, which it would have for a 50-75% gain, and a few hours later it was nearing $810.  $GOOGL has made some enormous multi-day runs in the past.  Could yesterdays action be the start of that?

$NFLX also broke higher yesterday and moved back into triple digits. .  I have $100 calls for next week.

$105 would be a nice upside price by the end of the week with a continuation to $110 later this month.

$IBB was up near 2% yesterday.  The more I see the government talking about high drug prices the more I think $IBB will trade heavy the next few months.

I entered some $277.50 puts yesterday for a move lower.  And I think this move will take $IBB to $250 in the short term.

and finally $CMG.

I look at the Pershing stake in $CMG as an act of desperation.  It's a way for Ackman to try and untarnish his image.  Like $CMG customers last year, it's not going to end nicely.

This mornings pop is something I will look to Put at some point this morning.

Put the pop.

$NFLX could come back down to $100 today to test support.  If that holds the odds for a move to $105 this week increase.

$GOOGL also could succumb to the early morning weakness, but as long as $800 holds I will be trading for a move to new record highs this week.

$IBB is something I will be trading for downside the next few weeks.  Momentum is waning with support strong at $250.

$CMG put the pop is how I will trade this today.

See you in the chat room.

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