Least Celebrated….ever

Good morning!

This is only the second time this year I've taken the time to write.  Is it too late for a new years resolution?

I'm going to write more in 2021.  There... done..

Least celebrated.

Notice when the market crashes its front page news.   Wall street is full of news trucks.  It's the lead story at 6pm, like it was in March 2020.

Anyone remember when the DOW fell 2,000 points... in one day?  Wow.

The shortest time between 52 week highs and 52 week lows for the SP500.

And here we are not even a year later.  With prices grinding to new record high after new record high.   It's not the lead story at 6pm.

No confetti.... no news trucks...

I was pretty clear before 2021 started.

Heading into 2021

When the head of the FED says that stock's aren't overvalued amid the current interest rate backdrop...

..and he has zero concern about inflation... zero.....

and the money supply that exploded in 2020 is set to grow a lot more in 2021....

stocks are going to go up.

And yet you still hear all the calls for downside.  Guess what?  Its coming.  Perhaps at the end of this month.  Perhaps at the start of February.

And guess what?  After the 'correction' stocks will continue their ascent to record highs.

And there is only one thing thats going to derail this stock market for any meaningful length of time.

Sustained inflation....  one that ultimately forces the FEDs hand.  Until that day comes.  And rest assured the market will sniff it out well in advance....  stocks will continue to do what they've been doing since the round rock shortage of 2,532 b.c.  ..... go up.

Till Inflation Do Us Part



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