Jimmybob $2k CHALLENGE – MIRROR TRADES – Starts AUGUST 6th

Want to be able to trade when i trade? In January I was able to turn $600 into $50k+, then $2000 into $200k. That does not mean it can happen again or everyday, but history does tend to repeat itself.

Will it happen again in August? Well if the market rallies like I think it will, it may be a possibility. Here is your chance to trade like I trade. I will have a account where you can get real time trade info, as well as possible mirror trades. Still working out the details but all will be ready to go by August 6th.

Somethings you need to know before hand.

  1. You need to be a diamond member to have access to my trades in real time( I will still post in chat like I do now for gold members)
  2. You need to pay attention to your inbox sometime before Wednesday for more info.
  3. You need to be ready to rock on Monday August 6th.

I am not a registered investment advisor. I do not recommend stocks or give investment advice. I do post my trades and ideas for subscribers to see. If you participate in the $2k challenge you need to expect to lose ALL your money. It can and MAY happen. If I was that good of a trader I would be on an island having some drinks while my high frequency trade programs were scalping .01 every millisecond on some dark pool.

It is also quite possible you make MONEY! I will have more in the next few days so STAY TUNED!!!

JimmyBob (Scott)has been trading equities for over 15 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. He started trading high risk stock options over the past 7 years, and has proven winning trades in excess of 15,000%.

As one of the Co-Founders of optionmillionaires.com, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge with other investors through timely blog posts, daily watch lists in the forum, weekly webinars, and helpful advice within the chatroom.

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6 thoughts on “Jimmybob $2k CHALLENGE – MIRROR TRADES – Starts AUGUST 6th”

  1. Jim there is a old saying !
    Those who can will!
    Those who can’t wished they could!
    I believe in you and your abilities!
    So I will go out on Faith!

  2. Lol, I like how everyone likes to CYA and yes I understand there is a need to do that.  I would love to make back the 6 figures I’ve lost in the last 18 months but if it sounds too good to be true…. well you know the saying.  I would give anything just to know I could make it back in the next two years versus two weeks; however, I do need to mirror someone else b/c what I’m doing is obviously not working.  Is it possible that you and a lot of the other people that are successful doing this aren’t on an island somewhere b/c you don’t feel you have enough money yet?  Isn’t it all relative also to how one spends and saves and lives within or beyond their means?  Then there is the “desire” inside some of you that love the game.  I just want my money back and be done with this crazy market.  There is no where else I could make my money back as quickly or as easily as the stockmarket.  The trick is to get it right.  Will someone help me?

  3. Hi Jimmy, I’m thinking of signing up to follow you.  Which broker/trading platform will you be using??  


  4. Sorry to hear about your market losses but trying to recover losses or pay debts trading is a recipe for disaster. You will trade with emotion.

    Following trades because of past history may cause you more losses as well. 

    Options can be very lucrative if you get the trades right, but you can lose everything very quickly as well.


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