Getting Trolled On Twitter for Pfizer CEO’s Sale of Stock

So... at 4am yesterday morning, while I was perusing Twitter, I came across what I felt was a misleading tweet.

The tweet implied one thing, while the article clearly stated another.

Here is the tweet.  The  topic was  covered on the news networks all day yesterday as well.

Listen.  Whatever conspiracy theory you want to have about the Pfizer CEO sale perfectly coinciding with the biggest vaccine news in history.....  I'm ok with that.

My point in replying to this tweet was that the headline was misleading.  It was making anyone who read that tweet think the CEO dumped 60% of his stock into the trial results, as if he was hitting the sell button himself.

As if the sale of his stock was done purely based on the positive results.

This was not the case.  The stock sale was part of a plan.  One set up many moons ago.   He was not the one pushing the sell button.

I read some of the replies to my tweet, and the hypocrisy is apparent.

They say he, and only he, released the vaccine results because he knew the day he released the results, that his pre-determined trading plan was set to sell 60% of his stock.

Those same people wonder why he couldn't have just moved the release date of the trial to AFTER his pre-determined sale of stock was to go through.


So the same people who say he illegally was manipulating the release of the vaccine trial to his benefit wonder why he didn't illegally manipulate the release of the vaccine trial so that he wouldn't benefit as much?


The timing and the optics were terrible.  But the reality is, these sales are the same ones you see from the Bezos of the world.

The CEO pf Pfizer sells his stock according to a trading plan that puts to bed  any type of questions regarding insider trading.... and then when the sale goes through the CEO gets accused of just that.

And many wonder why he didn't move the vaccine trial release date so he wouldn't benefit?


So...  needless to say, according to twitter  I'm the idiot.

And perhaps I am.  But in regard to this Pfizer CEO sale... I may be an idiot but  I'm right.

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