Futures up, Dollar up, and Curious George comes out of his tree…

So there has been a few things a trader could count on each trading day... If the market was up, the US Dollar was down.. and vice versa. So here it is Sunday night(monday Morning), and for the first time in recent memory, the futures are up a decent amount (.5%+), and the US Dollar is up nearly as much (. 47%).

It was enough to get Curious George out of his tree.


It has been a risk on, risk off environment. The US Dollar has been a benefactor of the Risk-off trade, as traders have flocked to the greenback as a safe haven as equities sold off. With Wednesdays coordination of world banks to increase liquidity, the risk on trade was given the green light. Equities had their best day since 2009, and the US Dollar dropped.


Is the US Dollar ready to have a mind of its own, and continue it's ascension to $80? Time will tell, but tonights action has me confused, and curious george... well.... Curious...

A successful trader has many tools to help them tread the equity "waters", and the forex is one of them. Tonights inverese correlation has me confused. Lets see how the market is at open tomorrow.



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One thought on “Futures up, Dollar up, and Curious George comes out of his tree…”

  1. Maybe a lack of faith in EU to solve the debt problem coupled with hangover high from last week. Personally I am moving into PUTs on SPY & FXE This week.

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