Unusual Option Action

Tuesday’s Option Action – (Recap)

Yesterdays massive rally reversed overnight into today's rout as China's unexpected currency devaluation sparked a sell-off that moved stocks lower and their respective options some 100's of percent.

$AAPL plunged over 5% reversing all of yesterdays gains, something I thought might happen even before the big China news last night.  PUT options soared some over 1,000% in reaction the the move.

$GPRO tumbled almost 10% sending PUT options I bought yesterday soaring.

and the unexpected Alphabet restructuring of GOOGL sent it's call options up 1,000%.  After a slow start in 2015, GOOGL has had one of its best years in terms of movement.

Let's dig deeper into today's action.

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Monday’s Option Action – (Recap) 8/10/15

Stocks had an impressive rally today which means, of course, that stock options had an even better day.  You didn't have to be long late Friday to participate in this rally either... although it didn't hurt to already be positioned for upside.

Two trades I posted in the om private twitter feed this morning moved over 100% each before the day was done.

$TWTR spiked higher out of the gate this morning and continued to rally into the close moving over $2.50 from Friday's lows.  A tremendously impressive move for a stock that finally had enough of all the selling and negativity.

There were a host of other huge swings in the option market, as well as some very unusual action.  For instance 

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Thursdays Option Action

The biotech bubble lost a little air today sending its weekly puts options significantly higher.

$GMCR dropped some 30% after its earnings report leaving some memorable gains in its wake.

From the chat room this morning:

Of course those who traded for a move higher are sitting on worthless options right now.  It is the risk and the reward of trading stock options into an earnings report.

Now on to todays option action:

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Tuesday Option Action Recap

Tuesday's session picked up right where Monday's session left off. Stocks tried to remain aloft despite another collapse of the largest company in the world by market cap.  A price target raise sent $NFLX and its stock options soaring, some well over 1,000%:

Tomorrow should bring more option movement in names such as $DIS and $Z.  Both are trading sharply off their closing prices.  I had some $DIS $120 puts earlier this week those are going to end up being some 600% higher at the open.  On the flip side $Z is up a near $10 post earnings.   Call buyers should be walking away with sizable gains.

Today's Option Action:

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Option Action Recap

The week might have ended, but it provided some incredible moves, which of course means even more incredible moves for stock options.  Today a 12% move for a stock sent its option up in some instances over 1,600%.  Earnings continue to move stocks in an exaggerated fashion.   We are just a few weeks removed from some of the more incredible gains we have ever seen in the market.  Two weeks ago I was talking about the $GOOGL $600 calls going from $.10 to $102.96.  OR $10 into $10,296 or $100 into $102,960.  Or potentially $1,000 into over  a million dollars.

With volatility plunging ever lower, stock options do not have the premium build up of years ago.  Also with penny increments, and weekly options, pricing power is better than its ever been before.

Some of today's movers

$CCE saw its stock move some 12% higher,  helping to propel its August stock options over 1,000% to the upside.

$EXPE earnings was a mover for its stock and stock options.  The Weekly calls were up over 300%+ in most cases.

$WBAI soared over 20% higher which moved its stock options in an incfredible fashion.  Some strikes were up over 1,000% for August expiration today alone.

Today's unusual option action and activity:

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